The Ultimate UK Guide to Finding Your Ideal Stylist for At-Home Hair Salons

Searching for Home Hairdressers Near Me in the UK? Our comprehensive guide answers all your FAQs, from services and costs.

Advantages of Hiring Home Hairdressers Near Me

1. Practicality

Choosing a home hairdresser offers unmatched convenience, eliminating the need to travel to a salon. Ideal for those with mobility challenges, busy schedules, or a preference for home comfort.

2. Customized Services

Individualized attention allows home hairdressers to understand your style, hair type, and unique needs. This one-on-one interaction builds a strong, trustworthy relationship, ensuring a personalized and satisfying result.

3. Safety and Cleanliness

In the current health-conscious era, controlling your surroundings is crucial. Home services minimize health risks, ensuring proper sanitization procedures and hygiene guidelines are followed, especially post-COVID-19.

4. Reduces Travel and Time Costs

Apart from saving time on travel, having a hairdresser come to you also reduces associated costs like transportation expenses. Flexible scheduling allows for better time management.

5. Adaptable Schedule

At-home hair salons often offer more flexible scheduling, accommodating evenings, weekends, and other preferred times. Ideal for individuals with erratic work schedules or other commitments.

6. Seclusion and Coziness

The privacy and comfort of home services surpass salon settings. Perfect for those who prefer a more private, intimate atmosphere or experience anxiety in public settings.

7. Tailored Product Choosing

Collaboration with home stylists ensures the selection of ideal products for your hair type and preferences, enhancing overall hair health.

Services Provided by Home Hairdressers in the UK

1. Simple Hairstyles and Trims

Foundational services such as basic haircuts and trims cater to various styles for men, women, and children.

2. Design

Styling services include curling, straightening, and crafting elegant updos for formal events, offering clients the chance to experiment with new looks.

3. Coloring of Hair

Skilled in various coloring techniques, home hairdressers can alter hair color to suit preferences, from basic changes to intricate styles like balayage and ombre.

4. Hair Procedures

Customized treatments target specific hair issues, including keratin treatments, dandruff relief, and deep conditioning.

5. Men’s Hygiene

In addition to haircuts, services extend to facial hair, beard styling, and mustache maintenance.

6. Consultation and Tailored Guidance

Evaluation of hair type, condition, and personalized advice on care routines, products, and styles.

7. Wedding and Occasion Hair

Crafting beautiful and lasting looks for significant events, collaborating with clients for the perfect appearance.

8. Hair Weaves and Extensions

Experts in attaching weaves and extensions for those seeking added length, volume, or texture.

Considerations for Selecting a Home Hairdresser

1. Knowledge and Proficiency

  • Evaluation of Skills: Check credentials, licenses, and industry experience.
  • Online Portfolio: Review their work portfolio for creativity and skill.
  • Customer Testimonials: Examine reviews for professionalism and reliability.

2. Service Area

  • Variety of Services: Ensure a broad range of services aligned with your needs.
  • Specialized Treatments: Confirm capability for advanced treatments and styles.

3. Cost and Methods of Payment

  • Cost Transparency: Discuss all fees in advance to prevent surprises.
  • Payment Options: Confirm accepted forms of payment for a seamless transaction.

4. Accessibility and Timetable

  • Booking Availability: Confirm availability, especially for special occasions.
  • Flexibility: Ensure adaptability to last-minute changes or emergencies.

5. Safety and Hygiene Procedures

  • Sanitization Measures: Verify adherence to sanitization guidelines.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Confirm compliance with health and safety regulations.

6. Discussion and Exchange of Ideas

  • Initial Consultation: Essential for discussing expectations and preferences.
  • Open Communication: Choose a stylist with whom you can communicate comfortably.

7. Considerations for Travel

  • Drive Distance: Be aware of potential additional charges for longer trips.
  • Timeliness: Confirm punctuality to avoid disruptions to your schedule.

How to Look for “Hair Salons Near Me” in the UK

1. Making Use of Internet Resources

  • Online Directories: and Gumtree provide contact details and testimonials.
  • Social Media: Explore Facebook and Instagram for portfolios and recommendations.
  • Community Forums: Participate in discussions on platforms like Reddit.
  • Google Search: Utilize search engines for a comprehensive list.
  • Flyers and Advertisements: Check community bulletin boards and local newspapers.
  • Word of Mouth: Seek referrals from friends, family, or neighbors.

Hazards and Their Mitigation

1. Incompetence and Low-Quality Service

  • Read Reviews: Research online reviews and get references.
  • Safety Risks: Ensure legal operation, check criminal history, and schedule initial sessions cautiously.
  • Verification of Credentials: Confirm qualifications and skills through credentials.

2. Preliminary Interviews

  • Conduct Interviews: Assess professionalism and expertise.
  • Clarity on Payment: Discuss pricing and payment options upfront.

Comparing Salon Services with Home Hairdressers


  • Home services may cost more due to added convenience.

Selection of Services

  • Salons offer a broader range, while home services provide a more individualized experience.


  • Home services excel in individualized treatment and attention.


  • Home services save time and offer flexibility in appointments.

The Newest Trends in At-Home Hair Styling

  • Evolution toward sustainable methods and user-friendly apps.
  • Growing popularity of virtual consultations for personalized care and effective planning.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Local Home Hairdressers

  1. How much should a home hairdresser charge? The pricing for a home hairdresser can vary widely based on factors such as your location, the specific services needed, the stylist’s experience, and their pricing structure. There isn’t a fixed standard rate, so it’s essential to consider these factors when determining how much a home hairdresser should charge.
  2. What is it called when a hairdresser comes to your house? When a hairdresser comes to your house, it’s often referred to as “mobile hairdressing” or “in-home hairdressing.”
  3. Is a mobile hairdresser cheaper? Whether a mobile hairdresser is cheaper than a salon-based one can vary. In some cases, mobile hairdressers may offer competitive or even lower prices due to reduced overhead costs (e.g., not maintaining a salon space). However, the price difference isn’t universal and can depend on various factors, including location, the services offered, and the stylist’s experience.
  4. How do mobile hairdressers wash your hair? Mobile hairdressers typically bring the necessary equipment and products with them. They may use a portable hair washing basin, similar to what you’d find in a salon, or utilize your sink if it’s suitable. They will have shampoo and conditioner on hand and provide the same level of care and attention as you would receive in a salon. If you have specific preferences or concerns about the washing process, you can discuss them with the mobile hairdresser before the appointment.


In conclusion, the evolution of hairdressing services has brought about a shift towards the convenience and personalized attention offered by at-home hairdressers. The advantages, ranging from practicality and safety to flexibility and individualization, make this a compelling choice for many. The variety of services provided, including basic cuts, styling, coloring, and specialized treatments, ensures a comprehensive approach to hair care.

However, selecting a home hairdresser requires careful consideration. Evaluating their skills, confirming service areas, understanding costs, and ensuring safety measures are vital steps. Online resources, community forums, and word of mouth remain effective ways to find qualified home hair stylists. Despite the convenience, potential hazards, such as incompetence and safety risks, should be mitigated through thorough research and preliminary interviews.

As the landscape of at-home hair styling evolves, trends indicate a focus on sustainability, user-friendly technology, and virtual consultations. Frequently asked questions provide clarity on licensing, services offered, pricing, safety, and tipping practices. Whether you choose a salon or a home hairdresser, clear communication, and a thorough understanding of expectations contribute to a positive and satisfying experience.