Looking for the best “kids hairdressers near me” in the UK? Dive into our guide to discover top-notch children’s salons ensuring a fun, comfortable, and stylish experience for your little ones.

kids hairdressers near me


Ever heard the phrase, “Little heads, big challenges?” If you’ve ever tried cutting your child’s hair at home, you’ll nod in agreement. Kids’ hair needs special attention, not just in style but also in the experience. While many parents in the UK have been down the DIY route, there’s nothing like the magic touch of a professional hairdresser for kids. But how do you find the perfect spot where your child will sit still, maybe even enjoy the process, and come out looking dapper or dazzling? Allow us to unravel the secrets of finding the best “kids hairdressers near me.”

Why Specialised Kids Hairdressers?

Choosing a kids’ hairdresser isn’t just about getting a snazzy haircut. It’s about ensuring that your child has a positive experience. Here’s why a specialised kid’s salon is the bee’s knees:

  • Trained for Tiny Heads: These hairdressers understand the soft texture of children’s hair and the styles that suit them best.
  • Patient and Gentle: Kids can be squirmy, scared, or even a tad grumpy. Professional children’s hairdressers have the patience and tact to handle these tiny clients with utmost care.
  • Engaging Environment: Bright colours, fun chairs (ever seen a race car chair at a salon?), and entertaining distractions are all part and parcel of kids’ salons. It’s an experience, not just a haircut!
  • Safety First: From rounded scissors to child-safe products, everything at a specialised salon ensures the safety and comfort of your little one.

Kids Hairdressers Near Me: Top Picks in the UK

A hair salon visit can be a delightful experience for children if you choose the right place. Here are some renowned kids’ hairdressers peppered across the UK:

  • Tots Crops: With branches in various UK cities, this salon boasts of an inviting atmosphere filled with toys, games, and friendly staff.
  • Little BigHeads: Located in the North West, this salon combines hairdressing with entertainment, ensuring your child is occupied and content during the process.
  • ShortCuts Children’s Salon: A favourite among many parents in the Midlands, this salon promises a stress-free experience both for the kids and their parents.

Making the First Haircut Special

For many parents and kids, the first haircut is a monumental event. Capturing those first snips, keeping a lock of hair as a keepsake, and seeing your child’s transformed look is nothing short of magical. When searching for “kids hairdressers near me”, make sure to enquire if they offer a “First Haircut” package. Many salons provide a certificate, a keepsake pouch for that first lock of hair, and even a photo to commemorate the occasion.

Tips for a Smooth Salon Visit

  1. Pre-Visit Prep: Talk to your child about the upcoming haircut. Reading them stories or showing pictures can help.
  2. Timing is Everything: Ensure your child is well-rested and fed before the appointment.
  3. Bring Distractions: While many salons offer entertainment, having their favourite toy or a snack can be handy.
  4. Stay Calm: Kids often mirror their parents’ emotions. If you’re calm and positive, chances are they’ll be too!


How often should children get haircuts?
It varies, but on average, every 6-8 weeks is ideal to keep their hair in good shape.

Are there salons that offer both adult and kids’ hairdressing?
Yes, many salons cater to both, ensuring a family haircut day out!

Do I need to book an appointment?
It’s always a good idea, especially on weekends when salons tend to be busier.

What age is appropriate for a child’s first salon haircut?
There’s no set age. Whenever you feel your child’s hair needs a professional touch, go for it!

Can I stay with my child during the haircut?
Absolutely! In fact, many salons encourage it for younger kids.

Are salon products safe for kids?
Always check with the hairdresser. Most kids’ salons in the UK use child-friendly products.


Finding the ideal “kids hairdressers near me” might take a bit of research, but it’s worth the effort. Not only will your child step out with a stylish new do, but they’ll also carry with them the memory of a fun and enjoyable experience. So, next time you’re thinking of giving your little one a fresh look, remember there’s a whole world of specialized kids’ hairdressers in the UK waiting to make their haircutting experience truly special!

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